Rome, Can Yaman and Fundraising for Children in Hospital: “I’ve been working on it for months” (Corriere Della Sera)

Can Yaman, the Turkish actor has created a non-profit association to help the little ones “get back to playing”. the Policlinico Umberto I joins the initiative.



“My biggest dream? To be able to see the children admitted to the hospital return to play”. A dream that Can Yaman wants to make come true thanks to the association “Can Yaman for Children”, a non-profit association created by the Turkish actor who has always, following his motto “Love generates love”, had a special attention for the most fragile, especially the little ones. The goal is to raise funds to be allocated to hospitals in order to promote activities of social interest mainly related to Pediatrics and the health of young people of developmental age.

“I’ve been working on this project for months,” says Can Yaman. I wish all children could smile again, as it should be. Among the first structures to benefit from the help of the non-profit association, the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome. This is why this morning the Turkish actor was seen in the wards of the Roman hospital in the company of the general manager Fabrizio d’Alba and accompanied by Francesco Cirulli and Roberto Macellari , who have become his two guardian angels since the actor has arrived in Italy.

“The offer to collaborate that comes to us through Can’s contagious smile is a precious opportunity that the Policlinico Umberto I will be able to value,” explained Fabrizio d’Alba, general manager of Umberto I. “His commitment to carrying out charity projects to be built together is more than admirable, and it will be an additional incentive for our hospital to combine the potential of this structure with ‘extraordinary’ actions by carrying out projects aimed at improving care and for greater well-being of our patients “. That Can Yaman, a 31-year-old Turkish sex symbol , who at this time, after the success of “Day Dreamer”, is reaching ratings records with the fiction “Mr. Wrong”, has a heart of gold has already been proven several times in the past. Engaged in social work, he often donates gifts from fans, especially chocolate, to the hospital. But above all he is committed to ensuring medical care for the little ones.

For example, he had helped raise funds for little Pamir, suffering from SMA, by putting his vest up for auction. Not to mention, the vest was purchased by Italian fans and immediately became a symbol of solidarity for another child, Giovanni, suffering from tibial hemimelia. And then among the aids given, always in silence by Yaman, were those given to families in need, children and animal welfare associations. And he wants his fans to do the same. So much so that his fans often do charity work in his name, adopting animals or plants even in the distant forests of the Amazon. Because Can has become an example over the years who taught that only by giving the love that you receive, and that in recent years he has received from his fans, can you create more by creating a great chain that never stops which is capable of making everyone smile again. Even the little ones.

Published in Corriere Della Sera Roma by Floriana Rullo on June 15, 2021

Original English Translation by Can Yaman International, June 15, 2021


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