Can Yaman Interview || Time Again – Istanbul Life Interview (August 8, 2018)

Far from egotistical, down to earth, hardworking and handsome … He has been in dizis for four years. Many projects that have been loved in recent years have his name. Can Yaman, is now returning to the screen with the series ‘Erkenci Kus’…

We came together with you for our cover shoot in November last year. What has happened and what has changed in your life since then?

Time flies really fast. Has it been that long? I think I’ve been on sets all the time since then. We rolled up our sleeves for ‘Erkenci Kus’ right after the final of our ‘Dolunay’ series. I play the character of Can Divit here and I can say that I have spent long hours in the last few months to create Can Divit from Can Yaman.

What kind of show waiting for us?

A beautiful romantic comedy series is waiting for you, that is very warm, fluid and will add fun to your summer evenings. We work day and night with both our fellow cast mates and our behind-the-scenes team. I hope this effort, this energy will pass on to the audience.

It must not be easy to decide on your new job after the project that has produced so much noise. What impressed you the most in ‘Erkenci Kus’?

‘Erkenci Kus’ is my fifth project. I’ve had almost no gaps and breaks between the projects. I have carefully evaluated all the offers that have been made since the ‘Gönül İşleri’, which was my first series published on Star TV screens, with my managers, mom and dad. In choosing a project, both the character you will portray in the series and the subject and language of the series are very effective in the decision making process. One of the biggest reasons we prefer ‘Erkenci Kus’ is that I have a lot of confidence in the script and the team I will work with. 5 projects, I always come across with a completely different image and character. I am happy all of them are very popular and loved.



If we ask you to make an analysis of the character you play, what kind of person is Can Divit?

There is a sentence that explains Can Divit’s philosophy of life and he sees itself as a rule, ‘Establish a life that you cannot leave in 30 minutes.’ With this motto, he went out at the age of 23, shooting stories of people around the world, recounting the hungry children in Nigeria, diamond traders, life in Cambodia. He loves his job very much. He travels non-stop and lives in conditions that an ordinary person cannot live in. For example, he lived in the Rainforest for 2 months, sleeping in sheds to photograph coffee production in Colombia, while fighting the seasonal worker persecution in the back streets of Hong Kong, or the war in the Middle East, which was not a safe life, where he always ate strange things, and spent months without washing. Can Divit is the opposite of the hybrid plaza life here. He always traveled, always on the street. Apart from the cargo vest and camera, he had no material consciousness, no social ambition. According to him, life is flowing elsewhere.His only obsession in life is injustice in the world… It is shrinking in small accounts of city life. He can’t stay anywhere for long. He has to move all the time, never settle down. He feel like if he gets settled, he will lose his soul and die inside. His love life has also developed as an extension of that. He does not make long-term promises to any woman. He has no intention of disrespecting women, reflecting his situation differently and misleading them.

Are you two similar? Does the character of Divit carry anything from you?

First of all, Can Divit and Can Yaman are namesakes. So their biggest common feature is that they bear the same names. But there are also a lot of things in common and separate. I also spent a long time abroad and in different places during my student life. When you change places too much, the sense of belonging to a place disappears. Sometimes I recall this feeling inside me when I play Can Divit. Then it’s easy to empathize with Divit. Besides, we are both fond of sports. We love extreme sports and adrenaline.

So, what is the biggest difference of this character from you?

I think our biggest difference is our fondness for comfort in life. Can Divit is someone who can adapt to nature in an instant, who is able to live and adapt in all areas, and who has the courage to feed on snakes and insects if necessary. I am more fond of my comfort. I cannot give up the privileges that civilization has given us. For example, I am open to the idea of camping, but it is not for me to live in the mountains for a long time and settle there (laughs).

How did you become a duo with your co-star Demet Özdemir? How is working together with Demet Özdemir?

Demet and I first met on the set of ‘Erkenci Kus’. But I followed and liked the work she did. Having Demet in the project was an important factor in my decision to do this job. Because the communication and energy with your partner passes to the audience like a mirror. We have achieved a wonderful synergy. Let’s see what the audience will think. Demet is hyperactive, like me, and fun to work with. Sometimes we even have so much fun that our cast mates have a hard time keeping up with our energy.

When will we see you on the big screen?

I really want to make a movie. In fact, there are many offers from both at home and abroad. But you need a of block time to make a movie. Since I have not been able to get a gap like that for four years, we are not able to evaluate the offers currently. But I want to be on the big screen too.

How do you like to feed your soul most?

By creating areas to listen to myself, I guess. Because I am constantly doing a job that gives shape and direction to emotions. In the same day, we may need to shoot scenes with many emotions. This can cause fatigue in your inner world. Therefore, from time to time, I create quiet and lonely moments. This sounds good to me the most.

We almost never know your private life. Do you prefer to live out of sight?

Private life on the name (laughs). I want my private life to be left to me. I don’t make much effort for privacy though. It is not something I would prefer to create advertising materials and distort the relations from their partnerships.

We’re dealing with a handsome, talented, hard-working, down to earth man. What if I were to ask you what you’d like to change in yourself when we’re talking about such a perfect blend?…

Thank you for your nice compliments. Time makes you realize, with experience, what should change in everyone. You are a different person than you were five years ago. So I can’t say anything very specific for this question…

How would you complete the sentence if I said ‘compared to before …’?

I could say, “My feet are on the ground.” Our emotions develop with our age.

Which is the moment when you say, “Oh, I wish I could teleport now?”

In general, I want to teleport every time I am in Istanbul traffic. I find it a burden to go from one place to another through hours of traffic suffering. To avoid this torment, I create a living space where my job is. Most of the time, because of this situation, I moved my house to the neighborhoods where I had a job. Also, I haven’t ever been very good with crowds. I’d say I don’t like crowds and I’d like to teleport from there. In general, I am very happy with where I am, my country and the work I do.


What are you like when you’re in love?

I do not experience anything superficial, and I feel the reality of what I am experiencing as well. I think this is the feature of my zodiac sign (I am a scorpio.) From time to time, I feel the jealousy intensely like everyone else. … sadness, other negative emotions … and then I say I’m not that kind of person, as I catch myself with these feelings.…

What is the definition of your beautiful woman for you? What kind of a woman affects you?

I like women with talismans, energy and elegance. The concept that the world has templated as a ‘beautiful woman’ doesn’t quite apply to me either. I am attracted to women who have a world view, knowledge and idea, and a soul that will make a difference in the space they’re in…

What do you think about marriage and having children?

In my first project, I became a father, I had this responsibility with the child of my brother who passed away on the ‘Dolunay’… For now, it is enough for me (laughs).

Sports and wellness … What do these words mean to you?

The biggest thing I have in common with Can Divit is our love for sports. I was interested in many sports from my childhood to this time. I can’t think of a life without sports. There are huge parallels among us, especially with regard to our fondness for nature sports.

Will you have the opportunity to take a vacation this summer? What are you on your route?

Unfortunately won’t be. We work all summer. Once in a while, if I can match my repo times, I flee to Çeşme for a day or two.

What do you miss most when you go away from Istanbul?

I return to Istanbul most yearning for the Bosphorus view. Also, I think I miss my mother, father, friends, friends and life that I left in Istanbul. Sometimes it is enough to sit in front of a beautiful view in Istanbul to spend a happy time. (Can Yaman’s parents are Guldem and Guvan Yaman.)

What is your favorite thing to do in Istanbul?

To chat with my dear friends at a beautiful table across the Bosphorus…

What is the first picture that comes into your mind when you say Istanbul?

Definitely The Bosphorus.

How do you live the nightlife of the city? Which neighborhoods and venues do you go more often when you want to have fun and maybe dance a little?

I live in Bebek, one of the most vibrant places in Istanbul. Of course, sometimes it is not possible to relax because of the loud noise when you want to rest, but you are at the right address when you want to have fun. My favorite place in Bebek is Lucca… We are like family with all its staff and operators. I feel like my own place there.

Finally, when you want to boost your energy, which is the most played song in your playlist?

The more you live and the more life experiences you experience, the more meaningful the songs begin to become. For example, I listen to the lyrics of old songs with more care and more feeling. My playlists have sets made by a lot of my DJ friends. Cover versions of old Turkish pop songs, 90s Turkish pop favorite.


Can Yaman Interview, English translation for Clarity.


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