Can Yaman Interview ( English Translation) With Chi Magazine 2020

By Alessio Poeta

Photos by Massimo Sestini
“I do not see myself as beautiful, I do not pay attention to it and I’m happy that those who follow me have understood that there is also more”, the Turkish sex symbol actor says exclusively to “Chi”. “My family and the hardships I had to overcome with them make me the man I am today”.

Going beyond expectations is always very difficult. Especially when you have to do it with the characters of the moment. After all, there are those who swear that the charm of the stars is by meta illusion, but everything changes when I arrive on the top floor of the hotel that will take me a step away from paradise. There, waiting for me, is the Turkish actor Can Yaman: the unspeakable king of soap operas and the latest sex symbol able to block entire cities, just for being there. “It’s something inexplicable for me too. I’m not hiding from you that three years I was pretty scared. I almost found it hard to understand the reason for all that heat, while now I couldn’t do without it “, tells, exclusively to “Chi “, the man who is making the world dream.

Q. Is it difficult for you to stay down to earth knowing that outside, hundreds of fans are waiting for you despite the cold and rain.
A. “It is, but I do everything possible to prevent this from happening. They are my joy and the thing that makes me really happy, they are not only here because I am famous, but because they understand perfectly that there is much more behind it”.

Q. That is to say?
A. “My essence, the human side, my empathy. I believe that the basis of my success, in addition to talent, is that there is also communication with them, its never really lacking”.

Q. Success is said to somehow amplify fears.
A. “It may seem strange to you, but it’s not a sentiment that I know closely, also because over the years I have transformed all fears into real challenges”.

Q. The largest?
A. “When I chose to attend the Italian high school in Istanbul. A very prestigious school that I should have dropped out of when my family’s financial situation started to deteriorate. Even today I remember the phrase my mother said to me: “Can, study Italian as much as you can, and after this year we will return to a public school”. From that point, from that sentence, I only went ahead with my will, winning, year after year, the scholarships that allowed me to reach the highest average ever obtained by a student in that institute”.

Q. How were you perceived by classmates?
A. “Like a nerd, but fortunately I have never been bullied. Maybe because I have always been very confident in myself.”

Q. When did you realize that your life was changing?
A. “Never understood, also because my existence has always been different from that of others. When I started acting I had already lived many lives: a year in the United States, a degree in law and a lot of time spent in the courts”.

Q. Where did this passion for the law come from?
A. “My Father guided me, but at the base there has always been a deep sense of Justice.”

Q. A few months ago, you shared a photo of you and your mother on your social media.
A. “We took that photo on the occasion of my departure for military service in Turkey. A short, but very intense experience. There, on that occasion, I had the opportunity to look inside and reflect on who I am and what I have been”.

D. What type of child were you?
A. “A calm and responsible child. I come from a not wealthy family, but one full of values. We have experienced ups and downs in our lives, and what little we had still represents my happiness today”.

Q. Has the fact that your parents are divorced ever influenced your vision of love?
A. “No, also because neither of them have never made me lack for affection, even though I have no memory of them together. To this day they are still friends, although the sentiment ended a long time ago. Who knows why it is always thought that children of divorced parents are more melancholy than others… “.

D. What did you dream of as a child?
A. “To become a basketball champion, but it’s a classic: you dream one thing and then life brings you something else”.

Q. At 30, have you stopped dreaming, Can?
A. “In my case, yes. Where I come from, there is a saying that goes: “If you want to make God laugh, start making plans for the future”.

Q. Speaking of the future, November 8 will be your birthday.
A. “And I still don’t know what to do. Growing up I learned to live life for the day. They often ask me if I will get married and if I will have a child. I’d love to, of course, but it’s not something I can or I want to predict. I hate both in life and in work, those who try to make me anxious and to take me on a road even before going down it”.

Q. Very little is known about your private life. Rumor has it that you have a secret relationship.
A. “Look: I really don’t want to talk about this because, just at the idea, I get a headache”. (laughs)

Q. Does all this privacy have to do with your culture?
A. “In part, and that’s why I don’t want to share all the most private aspects of my life.”

Q. You have nearly 8 million followers on Instagram even though you don’t publish much.
A. “I’m trying to share as much as possible, but I certainly don’t live my life as a reality show”.

D. A few days ago you published this cryptic phrase: “We could have blossomed beautifully, but the soil was not right”.
A. “A poetic phrase that has more keys to reading and that everyone can interpret as they wish, but I will keep the secret”. (laughs, ed)

Q. Your supporters have attributed it to the closure of the Bay Yanlis series. Once and for all: why was it canceled?
A. “Ask the big bosses. If I gave my answer, I would run the risk of saying the least appropriate thing. I’m sorry because in this series I played a character that allowed me to express myself freely, without being crushed by the script”.

D. In Italy it is easy for soap actors to get imprisoned in those roles.…
A. “Even in Turkey it is like that, but I’m not in a hurry because I know that sooner or later I will try myself in other roles”.

Q. Recently you were photographed having lunch with Ferzan Ozpetek.
A. “It was a fantastic meeting. After so many messages, we met in the center of Rome. We want to do something strong and never seen before. I like his way of working and I am enthusiastic about this exchange of energies “.

Q. Do you feel more support or dissent from your colleagues?
A. “I would be hypocritical if I didn’t tell you that I’m jealous, but I’m used to it now. There is an inexhaustible rivalry, but in the face of certain situations the best weapons are two: patience and smiles. When you are successful there are always those who are ready to discredit you.”

Q. I guess the stereotype of beauty comes first.
A. A Classic “if I had been born ugly, everyone would have recognized talent”.

Q. You asked that the photos taken for “Chi” not be retouched in any way. You must really like yourself to make such a request.
A. “If it were not for others telling me about my beauty, I would not even think about it, because I do not spend time looking at myself in the mirror. But one thing is certain: I do not consider myself as beautiful as others see me. My life revolves around commitment and certainly not superficiality”.

Q. If you and the male sex symbol of excellence, who is your counterpart?
A. ” I don’t know: I love Monica Bellucci. Then I could say Penelope Cruz, Jolie.”

Q. And I thought you mentioned a famous Turkish colleague of yours…
A. “I could never! You know, giving a sex symbol status to a woman, in our culture, would be a real offense … and far be it from me to disrespect someone. Women are all special”.



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