Hanging from a tree and one-handed push-ups: the day Can Yaman went from mere mortal to Turkish god!

Vanessa Martin


 April 8, 2019 changed our life. That day, Divinity released “Erkenci Kus” (Dreamy Bird), the series that discovered Can Yaman (surely you have also sighed when reading his name). His first appearance on screen already left us breathless. Who is that man? (Admit it, you have intoned the mythical song when reading the question).

W e got hooked on the love story of Can and Sanem immediately. And with each passing episode, the more we liked the Turkish actor with wild hair and a body for sin. However, there were some others who refused to grant him the title of THE MAN until they saw him exercising like a Tarzan in the garden of his house. At that time the doubts were over. Can Yaman had officially become our Turkish God.

That day, Can Yaman raised the temperature of all the houses that were watching “Erkenci Kus”. What a way to exercise. This Turk is not one of those who puts on a helmet and goes running. No. He is more like hanging from a tree and doing wild pull-ups and one-hand push-ups. And in case this hadn’t made us nervous enough, he arrives and refreshes himself by throwing a bottle of water on top. What heat!’

Madness unleashed

The Can Yaman phenomenon spread throughout half of Europe and the actor became a true idol. Upon seeing the success of the series, it was then that Can Yaman decided to do a tour of Europe. Italy, Greece, Spain. Wherever he went, madness broke out. Thousands of fans were waiting for him upon arrival and on some occasions, as in Spain, the police had to intervene. 

Enjoy Can Yaman in “Inadina Ask” (“Stubborn Love”)

Since Divinity knows that we can no longer live without it, it has brought us “Inadina Ask” (“Stubborn Love”), the first series in which the actor had its first protagonist. And as already happened with “Dolunay” and “Erkenci Kus”, it is leaving us unforgettable moments like this one of the actor drenched and without a shirt. 

Note: This article has been edited to clarify the language from Spanish to English.  


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