Can Yaman’s Wife To Be || 10 Fascinating Facts About Diletta Leotta

Can Yaman's Wife To Be; Meet Superstar Diletta Leotta

On February 11, when Turkish actor Can Yaman was photographed leaving Tiffany’s, he set the internet abuzz with chatter that he would soon propose to Italian sports-caster Diletta Leotta. After a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend on the Amalfi Coast, all indications suggested the question had been popped, and the answer is YES! While a formal announcement has yet to be made, eagle-eyed fans noticed a ring on Diletta’s finger on February 16, and the pair reportedly began the wedding planning process over the weekend of March 26 in Diletta’s hometown on Sicily. We recently wrote about our discussions surrounding what type of woman Can Yaman may marry and highlighted his views on love. So who is Can Yaman’s wife to be, Diletta Leotta? For those not among her 7 million-plus social media followers, here are ten fun facts about the future Mrs. Yaman.

Picture it, Sicily... Diletta's Italian Roots

  1. Can Yaman’s wife to be, Diletta Leotta, was born Guilia Diletta Leotta in Catania, Sicily, Italy, located on Sicily’s east coast at the foot of Mt. Etna. Catania is one of Italy’s ten largest cities and is the primary commercial center in Sicily. Its architecture, culture, and cuisine reflect the Greek, Roman, and Arab influences of Sicily’s past rulers. Catania’s concentration of centuries-old, high-quality Baroque art and architecture has led to its “Old City” neighborhood’s listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A little over 5 miles away from Catania is the Scala dei Turchi, or Stair of the Turks, named for its frequent raids throughout history by Barbary Pirates. Perhaps Diletta took Can Yaman, future on-screen pirate, Sandokan, to visit on their recent trip home to Catania. Diletta has previously visited and posted photographs of the historic site herself. 

2. Diletta Leotta was born on August 16, 1991, under the zodiac sign of Leo. Can Yaman is famously known as a Scorpio, a classic soul match for Leos. Hence, it seems the stars have aligned well in this pairing. Deeply romantic signs, Leos and Scorpios are loyal lovers who take relationships seriously and, once committed to a relationship that they sincerely believe in, often mate for life. The stars point to a long, happy life shared between Can Yaman and his fiancé.


3.  When Can Yaman gets married, he will be joining a large, close-knit family as his fiance, Diletta Leotta, has a large blended family. Speaking to Vanity Fair Italia, Diletta said, “My father and my mother were married. He already had a daughter, she had three children. They fell in love, and I was born. I find myself with four brothers [and a sister]”. All remain in Sicily except for her brother, Mirko, a plastic surgeon, who, like Diletta, resides in Milan. The two have co-founded a women’s skincare line, Youth Milano.

All about the bling! Did Can Yaman Really Put A Ring On It???

4.  Speaking of getting married…what about that Tiffany’s engagement ring that Can Yaman was spotted shopping for that he placed on girlfriend Diletta Leotta’s finger? Can revealed his impeccable taste in jewels when he selected a Tiffany Novo Emerald-cut Engagement Ring with a Pavé Diamond Platinum Band. Romantic with contemporary lines, this modern yet timeless ring features ethically sourced diamonds and is cut for optimal brilliance.

5.   Diletta Leotta got her start on television much earlier than her fiance, Turkish actor Can Yaman. While Yaman did not debut on-screen until landing Gonul Isleri in his mid-20’s, Diletta began appearing on Sicilian screens at 15. At 17, the lifelong sports fan worked on Antenna Sicilia’s soccer program, “The Press Room” with her parents’ full support. Still, as she revealed to Vanity Fair Italia, to maintain that support, she had to agree to study and graduate with a university degree in Architecture, Medicine, or Law. 

diletta’s education & career…can we say this woman is serious goals???

6.  Like her soon-to-be husband, Diletta Leotta, studied Law in college. She graduated from the prestigious Libera Universita Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli, or Luiss, as it is commonly referred to. Having published a thesis prior to graduating titled “The Sports Employment Contract”, which focused on Comparative Trade Union Law, Diletta appears to have had an eye on a career in sports broadcasting or athletic contract law. Of studying Law preparing him for a career in front of the camera, Can Yaman has said, “You become capable of memorizing a lot….Your memory has to be strong. So for me, studying Law was very helpful…It improves your analytical thinking.” It’s no doubt that Diletta has benefited similarly. 

7.  Before making a name for herself in the soccer world, Diletta worked as a weather forecaster on SkyTG24. Producers were disappointed to see the talented and popular morning news personality move on to the station’s Sports division in 2015. Still, they couldn’t deny that she was moving to where she was meant to be. After presenting Series B soccer for several years at Sky Sport, Leotta continued to advance in her field and moved on to covering Series A for DAZN in 2018. 

Diletta takes a modern intellectual approach to her prep for each match and a thoughtful approach to interviews and exchanges. She recently described her process to Men’s Health Italia“I study a lot: in the week before a match I read all the newspapers, I follow the exchanges on social networks between the clubs…I always have to stay informed and constantly follow the progress of the clubs…[In interviews] It is important to understand the phases and moments for everything, such as asking a question to a coach or a post-match player and carefully pondering the words to use depending on the progress of the match or the final result”. Leotta’s knowledge of the sport and style of broadcast has made her a favorite of soccer fans in Italy and worldwide.

can yaman's wife

a rising star…diletta’s skyrocketing popularity in 2020

8.   From February 4 through February 8, 2020, Diletta served as co-host of the 70th Annual San Remo Music Festival. Appearing on the opening and closing nights of the world-famous festival, Diletta wowed the audience and stole the show with her glam attire. The fashion world could not stop talking about her stunning yellow gown by Etro, which drew comparisons to Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast. It was the true standout of Diletta’s many “best-dressed list” worthy selections.

9. In 2020, Diletta partnered with BuddyFit, on an online training and fitness program that offers real-time exercise classes in various disciplines. Diletta shares Can’s fondness and dedication to sports and training and, like Yaman, has spoken about its positive effects and influence on her life going back to her childhood. One of Diletta’s first sessions that she led is counted as the platform’s most-followed live session ever. It almost shut the site down for a few minutes as BuddyFit’s server scrambled to accommodate so many simultaneous users.

can yaman's girlfriend

10. September 2020 saw Diletta Leotta publish a memoir, “Scegli di sorridere” (Choose to Smile), which is available on Amazon. She reveals how she has consistently chosen to confront difficult times and struggles with grace and determination. 

Diletta recounts electing to turn difficulties into opportunities and finding the courage to be a stronger person. In writing about invasions of her privacy, problems with the paparazzi, and the public’s perception of her (sounds familiar to Can Yaman’s struggles…), Diletta presents a chance to hear who she is and what defines her as a person in her own words.

Can Yaman's wife
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