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A wise soul once said not to judge a book by its cover. Another wise soul said that actions speak louder than words. But what can be said when the book is hard to find as it is well hidden, and one’s actions are also well hidden from the eyes not by naysayers, but rather by one’s own virtue of kindness and the desire to help others without looking for praise or applause?

The answer is simple: You should look for the pebbles one leaves along the path of one’s life to see the big picture.

Whether fueled by virtue of the kindness Can Yaman was born with, by the goodness of his heart, or by an idea that might spring into his indecipherable mind, Can Yaman has been lending a helping hand in all aspects of life for a long time. His acts of benevolent generosity are not limited by topic, theme, issue, or demographic. He has been helping charities, causes, and single-life events for years.

Why does his name stay out of the news or off the front pages when it comes to lending a helping hand? The answer to this question is even more simple: He prefers it this way.

Before explaining why Can Yaman prefers to keep his name out of the public eye regarding the various charities he helps and supports, we should look at examples of his big heart and his even bigger virtue of kindness.



In 2019, Can participated in an event that not only brought awareness to a greater audience, but holds a place near and dear to his heart because it involved basketball.

Always a team player and a great enthusiast of the sport, Can took part in an event held by the Turkish Physically Disabled Sports Federation.

In 2019, Can donated books to the Yolbilen School in Sanliurfa-Viranşehir through one of the vendors that works with him.

In 2019, Can participated in the TEMA “Umut Yeşerten Şarkılar” – “Songs of Green Hope”. A charity marathon event bringing awareness to nature and how the future health and lives of children is enriched with outdoor activities.

In 2018, Can participated in a project called “Kansersiz Ya şam Senin Elinde” (“Life without cancer is in your hands”), designed to bring awareness to the growing issue of lung cancer. The project highlighted awareness of the illness and how important it is to know and recognize the early warning signs. It also urged individuals to consider refraining from smoking.

In 2017, Can participated in a basketball event for the Youthful. It focused on bringing awareness to the issue of physical activities for children, and how important this is for them to have a healthy life.



Throughout the years, Can Yaman has made several donations to animal shelters. The care and protection of animals is a cause very close to his heart.

In 2020, following a powerful earthquake in Izmir, Can Yaman teamed up with the singer Haluk Levent. His generous donation to the charity provided food and basic necessities for 100 families for a month.


In 2020, Can participated in a fundraiser for Pamir Pekin, a wonderful child in urgent need of time-sensitive assistance that could save his life. Can donated a vest he had worn during his interview as a guest on the “Verissimo” Italian TV program. The vest was put up for auction and purchased for 8,000 Euros. The auction price was donated going straight to the “Cure for Pamir” fundraiser.

Can’s help in the “Cure for Pamir” fundraiser did not end there. On the occasion of his birthday on November 8, Can asked that people look into their hearts and donate to the cause as well. His plea met with a tremendous response and monetary support.

The goal of raising the monies needed to complete Pamir’s treatment was reached before the deadline.

Little Pamir will be on his way to the U.S. in early December 2020 to Boston Children’s Hospital to receive the treatment he needs to save his life.


This benevolent act of kindness is just one more example of Can Yaman’s ability to reach his fans across the world for a good cause. His fandom had also displayed the power of his reach by donating to charities and events in his name.

In 2018, Can’s Iranian fans helped orphaned children on Can’s behalf and donated supplies as well as their time. This brought on smiles and memories that warmed the hearts of these children and eased their suffering during the harsh times in which they are living.

Following the vast fires in Australia in mid-2020, fans adopted koala bears in Can’s name. One koala was even nicknamed “Can Yaman”.



The Can Yaman fandom also adopted an albatross chick in Can’s name. Of course, they named it “Can”.

Can Yaman shares kindness, love, and appreciation to those around him in many ways out of the goodness of his heart. His name may be mentioned in regard to various charities, however most of his help and aid goes unnoticed and out of the spotlight. Why? Because his motivation is fueled by love and understanding of life and its virtues. Giving help to others in need is more important to him than receiving credit or public recognition.

Written by Joanna Kurczak for Can Yaman International

Edited by Mary Bloyd, Resident Editor for CYI




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