Can Yaman To Star In Reboot Of Italian Production ‘Sandokan’

Can Yaman arrived in Italy ahead of an announcement that he will be shooting a Ferzan Ozpetek directed DeCecco Pasta commercial with Italian actress Claudia Gerini. The Lux Vide collaboration between Can Yaman and Italy’s largest pasta and dry goods company (second worldwide) will shoot in early January 2021. The DeCecco Pasta deal marks Yaman’s third major spokesperson contract of the year following his hugely successful Tudors fashion campaign and becoming the face for the launch of worldwide gaming app Pasha Fencer.


Can Yaman and Ferzan Ozpetek have a long history of mutual admiration and have both long voiced a desire to work together. When asked in a 2018 Hello! magazine interview about Ozpetek, Can answered, “I don’t know if Ferzan Özpetek knows me or watches me. I hope he does”. In July 2020, Ozpetek revealed that he’d like to work with Yaman because “he is someone who has that thing more than the others.” The two eventually met in Rome in October 2020. Yaman described the meeting in a Verissimo television appearance: ” It was the first time we met, it was very nice, I chatted with him on WhatsApp, this time we found the opportunity to meet and we hope to be able to do something together, let’s see….[as far as] a film together, let’s hope, let’s see, we don’t know. It’s too early to sta anything, but the intention is there”. The DeCecco commercial seems to be a prelude to more extensive projects to come.


The full story is translated below, via Corriere Della Sera


The new Sandokan is former lawyer and handsome idol of girls, 31-year old Turkish actor Can Yaman of Albanian-Kosovar origins. He will now take on the role of the hero from the novels of the Indo-Malay pirate by Emilio Salgari. In 1976, this role was played by Kabir Bedi in the famous television miniseries directed by Sergio Sollima. The new script in 8 episodes will be shot in the studios of the Lux Vide production company in Formello, Italy for the interiors, and then in the Caribbean and other exotic locations.


Yaman begins, “It is a project still under development – the new Tiger of Malaysia – it is like a newborn baby. I am very curious about the work we are going to do. Above all, I am proud and proud to participate in an international production like this. I have heard a lot about the Sandokan who preceded me. At the time I was too young, but I am honored and enthusiastic to collect the testimonial from a great actor like Bedi.”


Having become famous in Italy for other TV series, Yaman has definitively hung up his law degree. He confirms, “Yes, I studied Law and I also worked as a lawyer for six months. Then I started acting and I chose to engage in an acting career. This time, the acting commitment is very complex. Such a character does not prepare in a few months, but I am determined to make him mine.”


In the cast alongside Yaman will be Luca Argentero in the role of Yanez de Gomera. In the previous drama, it was played by Philippe Leroy.


Argentero commented: “I was a kid when Sandokan went on the air but he remained impressed on me. I sink into my memories of that time to prepare myself for the role of Lieutenant Yanez. The character is described as the shrewd companion of the protagonist, brave and a bit ‘Gascon, a strategist with notable diplomatic skills. I was lucky enough to meet Philippe Leroy. In 2018, I participated in the film ‘Hotel Gagarin’ where the great French actor also played. It was an incredible experience. When you meet sacred masters like him, hearing them tell their anecdotes is a real pleasure. I expected everything except that now I would take on the same role as him. The world described by Salgari attracts me a lot. For me, it is like being a child again when I was fascinated by pirates.”


The drama will be shot in English, as it is intended for the international market.


Argentero continues: “We never met with Can. He certainly has the physique to be Sandokan. And being an idol for girls, it seems to me excellent news for the success of our series.”


Yaman explains:


“This is the first time I’ve worked with an Italian production. But I speak Italian well. I know Italy well. I can’t wait to get to the set and get familiar with the whole crew.”


Still secret are the negotiations for the choice of the director and the actress who will play the Pearl of Labuan, the Lady Marianna who was played by Carole André in the past.


The screenwriters Alessandro Sermoneta and Davide Lantieri explain: “We have to deal with the original novels, but the characters of that world serve us to tell the world of today.


Sandokan represents the state of nature, wild, primitive, which rebels against exploitation by the English empire. A fight even more felt today; it is a very topical issue. Added to this is the modernity of the character of Lady Marianna. She is a girl from English high society who falls in love with a pirate and goes over to the side of the ‘savages’. She is a young woman who is free to live her feelings.


Filming will begin in the fall but the network on which the series will air is not yet known. Producer Lusa Bernabei has just announced partnership with the important radio network RTL. Bernabei says, “I like to launch the product and then those interested buy it. I thought about this beautiful story because we are all going through a terrible time. We are without hope in the future. People need positive heroes. They need to dream. To identify with events represented in distant places for a total escape in a dreamlike dimension. The 1976 drama was followed by 27 million viewers. Television has changed a lot … we would be satisfied with at least half of it.”


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Note: This article has been edited to clarify the translation of Italian to English.




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