Can Yaman Fans Recommend: 10 Turkish Dizis with English Subtitles to Binge ASAP

Can Yaman Fans

Can Yaman fans are waiting as patiently as they can for the premiere of his new Italian television series Voila Come il Mare in March. Adding to their excitement is the announcement of a yet to be titled Disney+ project. Currently in development with Kerem Çatay, the head of Turkish production studio Ay Yapim, the Disney+ project  will be the first Turkish production Yaman has worked on since moving to Italy in January of 2021. This series will also be the first of Yaman’s Turkish dizis with English subtitles to stream on the platform.

In eager anticipation of hsi upcoming series, Can Yaman fans brainstormed and compiled the following list of Turkish dizis with English subtitles to binge and hold you over until they debut. All of the following are available to stream online. Many can be found on Youtube, Netflix and with English subtitles. Listed in order from lightest rom-com to heaviest drama, check out these Turkish dizis with English subtitles asap!

Fun Romantic Comedy Turkish Dizis with English Subtitles

1) Bay Yanlis (Mr. Wrong)– Considered by many fans to be a fresh, Turkish take on Sex and the City, Bay Yanlis asks its characters and viewers: “Are you ruled by love or logic?”. Özgür Atasoy (Can Yaman) is a wealthy, successful man who has no interest in a committed relationship. Despite his mother’s nagging to settle down, Ozgur avoids responsibility and love, preferring relationships that last no longer than one night. A high-profile magazine article nicknamed him “Mr. Wrong”. Ezgi Inal (Ozge Gurel) wants nothing more than to marry and have a family but always ends up with men who do not share these goals and mistreat her. When destiny keeps throwing Ozgur and Ezgi into each others’ paths, they decide to help each other get what they want. Ezgi pretends to be Ozgur’s girlfriend, and Ozgur coaches Ezgi to perfect the art of “what men want” to better her chances of nabbing a fiance. Along the way, they discover that Mr. Wrong may be precisely right for Ezgi. Bay Yanlis is romantic, modern, witty, and fun. Can Yaman fan L.W. says, “I always watch BY for a pick me up!”. 

Turkish dizis with English subtitles     Turkish dizis with English subtitles Erkenci Kus 

2) Erkenci Kus (Early Bird)-Sanem Aydin (Demet Ozdemir) is an aspiring writer who daydreams of visiting the Galapagos Islands. There, she hopes to see an albatross, the legendary bird known for its long flights around the world, that only settles on land once it’s found its soulmate. Can Divit (Can Yaman) is a photographer who circles the globe as he moves from project to project, not tied to any person or place- the human embodiment of an albatross. Erekenci Kus presents a twist on the tradition of love at first sight: Can and Sanem meet in a dark theater and fall in love at first touch and scent. Erkenci Kus is 51 episodes of pure romance-both the idyllic fairy tale type and the sometimes angsty and occasionally complicated realistic variety-in which Can and Sanem’s epic love story becomes the subject of her first best-selling novel. By the end Can, the albatross finally finds his home with Sanem, the phoenix, who rises from the ashes to live happily ever after together. Erkenci Kus has continuously aired on international networks since it concluded in 2019. Its popularity only continues to grow as time goes on. It’s no surprise that for many Can Yaman fans it’s their “all-time fave.” 

3) Dolunay(Full Moon/Bittersweet)-Ferit Aslan (Can Yaman) is a bright and successful businessman. This born leader is disciplined in all areas of life, from work to health to home. Nazli (Ozge Gurel) is a young culinary student hired as Ferit’s private chef. On her first day of work, she is given a specific menu and guidelines for how Ferit’s food should be prepared and his kitchen maintained. Nazli promptly decides to scrap the rules and do things her own way, much to Ferit’s initial annoyance and eventual enjoyment. Early in the series, tragedy strikes, and Ferit must take responsibility for his young nephew Bulut. Ferit and Nazli agree to engage in a fabricated relationship (that eventually turns real) to help his chances of gaining permanent custody of the boy. The core set of supporting characters is a mix of family and friends who are considered family who mainly help but sometimes hinder Ferit and Nazli’s relationship as it evolves from business to friendship and, finally, love. 

Turkish dizis with English subtitles      Turkish dizis with English subtitles

Romantic & Dramatic Turkish Dizis with English Subtitles

4) Cesur ve Guzel (Brave and Beautiful)-Cesur (Kivanc Tatlitug) has spent years carefully plotting revenge against the man he blames for his father’s death. The only detail he could not foresee was falling in love at first sight with his enemy’s daughter, Suhan (Tuba Buyukustun). Upon his arrival in her village, Cesur and Suhan’s lives literally collide. Such is the beginning of a slow-burning, but nonetheless smoldering love that neither counted on but also soon enough could not deny. Can Yaman fan F.C. says, “I got hooked from the 1st ep, [it’s] one of most dramatic series. You have to be up for the drama and the suspense. A bit intense at times.” Tatlitug and Buyukustun have multiple dizis on this list, and for good reason. In careers spanning more than a decade, both have amassed a sizable global fanbase. Their collaboration was long-anticipated, much-heralded, and not to be missed. 

5) Kara Para Ask (Black Money Love)- Jewelry designer Elif Denizer (Tuba Buyukustun) and police detective Omer Demir’s lives are thrown together when her father and his fiance are found murdered. Elif and Omer join forces to unravel the mystery of how the seemingly unconnected victims came to be discovered in the same car in the middle of the night. What looks to be a diamond heist and money laundering scheme turns out to be more sinister and involves people closer to home than either could have imagined. Falling in love on a journey that takes them from Istanbul to Rome and back again, Elif and Omer remain one of Turkey’s most adored couples. Kara Para Ask won multiple international awards and remains one of the most successful worldwide Turkish exports ever.

Turkish dizis with English subtitles     Turkish dizis with English subtitles

Dramatic and Tragically Romantic Turkish Dizis with English Subtitles

6) Kurt Seyit ve Sura (Kurt Seyit and Sura)-Amid the backdrop of World War I, Kurt Seyit (Kivanc Tatlitug), an officer of Turkish ancestry in the Tsar’s Guard, falls in love with young Russian noblewoman Sura (Farah Zeynep Abdullah). Seyit’s wealthy land-owning family disown him because he won’t give up Sura and find a traditional Turkish wife. When the Russian Revolution breaks out, Seyit and Sura flee to a motherland he’s never seen and a culture she’s never known. Settling in British-occupied Istanbul, Seyit and Sura attempt to reunite with their displaced friends and family and build a new life together. While once again caught up in a land of revolution and conflict, their love is tested. Due to its basis on a true story, this dizi demonstrates that happily ever after is not always what you envision. Available on Netflix for over three years before leaving in late 2019, Kurt Seyit ve Sura was one of the first Turkish dizis to explode in popularity among English-speaking users. Can Yaman fans who count Erkenci Kus as a favorite will easily spot his EK co-star Demet Ozdemir as supporting character Alya. 

7) Kordugum (Intersection)- CEO Ali Nejat Karasu (Ibrahim Celikkol) is a playboy bachelor and former race car driver. Years ago, his family suffered a horrific tragedy for which he carries a burden of guilt that he’ll never let go of. Ali Nejat has no plans or desire to marry or have a family. He focuses all of his heart and energy instead on his dream of designing and establishing a new Turkish car brand. In a shocking twist at the end of the first episode, Ali Nejat must assume responsibility for a young son that he never knew he had. He leans on his new friend and eventual lover, Pediatrician Naz (Belcim Bilgin), for support. Naz loves children and has always wanted to be a mother. She bonds immediately with Ali Nejat’s son, Kaan, and the three form a tight family unit. However, the shadow of his family’s tragedy is always looming, and Ali Nejat’s need to unravel its truth brings strain and danger down upon his new life with Naz. (Kordugum is not the first time Celikkol and Bilgin have worked together. Stay tuned for a future list of all the best Turkish films to check out, including their collaboration, “Sadece Sen”).

Turkish dizis with English subtitles     Turkish dizis with English subtitles

Dramatic, Dramatic, DRAMATIC  Turkish Dizis with English Subtitles

8) Kuzey Guney(North and South)-Kuzey (Kivanc Tatlitug) and Guney (Bugra Gulsoy) are brothers who, like their names, North and South, are polar opposites. Dark and light, serious and freewheeling, successful and struggling. Pulled apart and held together by a shared secret, at odds over loving the same woman, and caught up in a love-hate relationship, the brothers are in a constant struggle to coexist. The shocking and devastating conclusion to season one is matched in intensity by its season two counterpart, which thankfully concludes happily. Kuzey Guney will reveal to new Turkish television fans that anything can happen in a dizi. No character is safe from peril, and every heartstring you have will be pulled while watching. Kuzey Guney is a Turkish adaptation of the classic American miniseries Rich Man, Poor Man, and Can Yaman fan P.W. states simply: “It’s a masterpiece.” Without a doubt, Kuzey Guney is one of those Turkish dizis with English subtitles that will stay on your mind and in your heart. 

9) Siyah Beyaz Ask (Black and White Love)- Siyah Beyaz Ask is a “Beauty and the Beast” type story that follows the seemingly unlikely but ultimately deep love that develops between Asli (Birce Akalay) and Ferhat (Ibrahim Celikkol). Asli is a surgeon used to preserving life. After witnessing Ferhat commit murder, she is forced to marry the mercenary and promise not to report him to the police to save her own. Ferhat is cold, menacing, and deadly. As days go by, Asli regrets more and more the decision she had made under duress. But, as with the fairytale beast, Ferhat’s proper, more caring nature begins to reveal itself, and she learns that he feels as trapped by his life as she does. All dizis are full of family drama. This goes double for dramatic dizis. As Siyah Beyaz Ask is one of the most dynamic dramas ever produced, it goes without saying that its plot centers around a dangerously destructive family. What makes it enduringly popular, though, is the even more intense chemistry between its leads. Luckily for their fans, Ibrahim Celikkol and Birce Akalay have recently been revealed to have a new Netflix drama together in the works. Surely a dizi that will find its way onto our subsequent must-watch lists.         

Turkish dizis with English subtitles      Turkish dizis with English subtitles

10) Fatmagul un Sucu Ne? (What is Fatmagul’s Fault?)- Fatmagul (Beren Saat) is a young woman engaged to be married living and working on her family’s dairy farm in a small coastal town near Izmir. One night on the beach, three local, wealthy drunken young men rape Fatmagul. At the same time, a fourth, their friend Kerim (Engin Akyurek), is passed out nearby. The families of all involved force Fatmagul and Kerim to marry to avoid scandal. Shunned by her former fiance, Fatmagul must flee to Istanbul with Kerim to escape harassment and humiliation in their small town. Believing him to be one of her rapists, a traumatized Fatmagul is disgusted and sickened every time she sees Kerim. Kerim struggles with guilt, first over his uncertainty over whether he had committed rape and then over the realization that while he did not rape her, he had failed to protect Fatmagul from his friends. Fatmagul un Sucu Ne? is a story of resilience, forgiveness, and redemption as Fatmagul and Kerim slowly fall in love and then work together to seek justice for Fatmagul. Can Yaman fan J.P. calls it “A classic that still holds up more than 10 years later”. This is one of several Turkish dizis with English subtitles that is also wildly popular and beloved in the Spanish speaking world and has aired numerous times on Spanish language networks with Spanish dubbing. 

By: Jennifer Perna for Can Yaman International



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