Can Yaman & Diletta Leotta’s Exciting & Romantic Trip to Turkey Part 1: Istanbul

Can Yaman & Diletta Leotta's Exciting & Romantic Trip to Turkey Part 1: Istanbul

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta Istanbul

During the last six months of living in Italy, Can Yaman has taken several trips to Catania, Sicily, and has gotten acquainted with fiance Diletta Leotta’s family and hometown. The time has come for Can to show Diletta around his homeland and introduce her to those he loves most.  On June 21st, Can Yaman’s wife to be arrived in Turkey and spent the week meeting Can’s family and closest friends, exploring his hometown of Istanbul, and traveling to one of his favorite vacation spots, Bodrum.

Can Yaman's Istanbul

Can Yaman and fiance Diletta Leotta arrived in Turkey on June 21st and checked in to the opulent Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel. Sparing no expense, Can chose a former Ottoman palace as a luxurious home base for Diletta’s first trip to Istanbul. Constructed between 1863 and 1872, the Palace is the last of its kind. Its completion marked the end of an era when Sultans would have their own palaces built rather than reside in those of their predecessors. It was converted into a modern luxury hotel in the early 1990s and is centrally located on the Bosphorus’ European side between the Bestikas and Ortakoy neighborhoods.

Can Yaman Istanbul Hotel

Supposing this is Can’s idea of a perfect day in Istanbul, it’s no surprise that the first photos of Can and Diletta’s Turkish holiday are on the Bosphorus. Photos and videos shared by the lovestruck couple chronicled a meal fit for a Sultan enjoyed aboard a boat floating down the Bosphorus with Can’s family and closest friends. From mezes through tatli, and of course, cay in Turkish tulip-shaped teacups, Diletta was treated to a Turkish feast while spending time bonding with Can Yaman’s inner circle. 

Can Yaman and fiancé Diletta Leotta on Bosphorus

Can Yaman's Inner Circle

Present on the boat tour were Can’s parents, Guven and Guldem, his managers, Cuneyt Sayil and Ilker Bilgi, and law partners and longtime friends, Burak Iplikci and Nazli Ozturk Kayatur. The caption under his mother Guldem’s photo shared on Instagram is short and says it all about how Can Yaman’s wife to be has been received in Turkey: “Daughter & Son.”  Likewise, Can’s father, Guven, summed up their day on the Bosphorus and how he felt about Can and Diletta’s visit to Turkey perfectly with the captions of the photos he shared: “Istanbul became more beautiful with you, my dears.”

Can Yaman Mother
Can Yaman Diletta Leotta

The 19-mile long strait, also known as the Strait of Istanbul, forms the continental divide between Asia and Europe and connects the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea. During their day on the Strait, Can and Diletta also visited the Bosphorus on the Asian side, exiting into the Black Sea. There Diletta was pictured in the small village of Poyrazkoy, part of Istanbul’s Beykoz neighborhood. 

Can Yaman's fiancé Diletta Leotta

Perhaps the only Istanbul view more iconic and beautiful than that of the Bosphorus by day is the Bosphorus at night illuminated by one of its several suspension bridges. Clearly recognizing that the world-famous strait and its bridges need no introduction, Diletta captioned this perfect postcard pic simply, “Istanbul.”

Can Yaman's fiancé Diletta Leotta

Historic Sites

Can and Diletta continued her Istanbul tour by visiting two of the city’s most historic and well-known sites. At the Hagia Sophia, considered the 8th wonder of the world, Diletta was pictured admiring the current (and former) mosque and one-time church and museum as any of its other 3 million annual visitors do: barefoot and with her head and shoulders covered by a scarf in observance of the requirements requested before the entrance. Touring the awe-inspiring art and architecture in one of the world’s most significant religious sites impacted Diletta. She captioned her photo inside the nearly 1,500-year-old treasure, “Yes, to travel!”

Can Yaman's fiancé at Hagia Sophia

No trip to Istanbul is complete without taking in the sights, scents, and shopping of the Grand Bazaar. Can Yaman’s fiance documented the colorful excursion in her Instagram stories. Sharing pictures, she took fans on a tour as she explored the massive outdoor covered market whose 4,000 shops span 61 streets. Completed in 1730 and continuously operating, the Bazaar boasts over 25,000 employees and can see anywhere from 250,000 to almost one-half a million visitors daily. Diletta also featured pictures of the signature Turkish dessert, Baklava, and colorful stained glass Turkish lamps. Perhaps shopping to bring a bit of Turkey back home when she and Can return to Italy?

Can Yaman Diletta Leotta Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Can and Diletta’s  trip isn’t over yet…stay tuned for Part 2 when Can takes Diletta to one of his other favorite destinations in Turkey-BODRUM. 

Written & published June 28, 2021 by Can Yaman International

Can Yaman
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