Can Yaman Awards

Can Yaman Awards

Can Yaman Media And Art Award

The inaugural ceremony for’s Media and Art Awards was held on December 3, 2018. Over 1.8 million unique votes were cast in categories ranging from film to media, music and television. Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir were honored with the title of Television Couple of the Year for their portrayal of Can Divit and Sanem Aydin in Erkenci Kus. Unable to attend the ceremony in person, they were presented with their award on set (and in costume!) later that week by’s Editor in Chief Sinan Guzel. Can posted their thank you speech on his Instagram on December 7, 2018 in which they expressed how proud they were to have been voted for by over 1 million fans and apologizing for not being able to attend the ceremony.

Can Yaman Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards

The Altin Kelebek Odulleri, or “Golden Butterfly Awards” have been handed out to the best of the best in Turkish Film, Television and Music for over 40 years. In recent years the media outlet “Hurriyet” has joined Pantene to sponsor the awards that are voted on by the public. Considered the most prestigious accolade in Turkey, the Golden Butterfly was awarded to Can as Best Actor in a Romantic Comedy on December 9, 2018 for his work as Can Divit on Erkenci Kus.

Taking a short break from his busy filming schedule, Can was able to attend the ceremony and thank his fans while accepting the award which he said he and the cast were very excited to have won and letting the audience know that “every week we’re trying to convey a high energy to our viewers”.

He credited that energy to the “beautiful set environment in Erkenci Kus [provided by Gold Yapim Studio]… [Producer] Faruk Turgut who brought us all together, [Director] Cagri Bayrak and his team who manage to get the best of us by giving us the utmost freedom on the set…and my dear partner, my lovely partner Demet Ozdemir, so glad that I have you, thank you a lot”.

Can Yaman GQ Man Of The Year

GQ’s Men of the Year Awards is an annual celebration recognizing the men who had the most significant cultural impacts of the year. Already a recognizable name in Turkish television from his work in his first four series, GQ Turkey honored Can as their rising star in 2019 during his fifth series, Erkenci Kus for elevating his talent and dedication to character to new heights when he created the cultural icon and phenomenon of Can Divit.

In a gracious speech, Can thanked those closest to him who “helped me to rise…they are all here with me tonight…my father, my idol who was a model for me with his thoughts and behaviors…my mother who was devoted to me, who raised me up with love…my managers Ilker Bilgi and Cuneyt Sayil. They were there every single moment. We did my career plan together…thanks to my [law] partners Burak Iplikci and Nazli Ozturk for being great friends, for always being there for me…Thanks to my stylist, Asli Parlak, for her contributing efforts and her magical touch….I have a trainer and fight coach, Umut Duygu, my friend…I use everything he taught me in productions I work, roles I play…To Demet Ozdemir, I’m glad I have her…Thanks to Demet, I really go to the set very joyously.”

Can Yaman Honored At Murex'dor

Murex d’Or is an annual awards ceremony which was created in 2000 to recognize artistic achievements in Lebanon, the Arab World and Internationally. In an acceptance speech that he delivered in English, Can noted the impact that his first International award had on him and went on to thank his family and friends for their love, support and contributions to his success.

He then thanked his “dear partner Demet Ozdemir with whom we have been legendary partners with extraordinary chemistry…half of my prize always belongs to her” before concluding in Arabic by thanking the Lebanese community for watching Erkenci Kus and recognizing the hard work and achievements of those involved in its creation.

Can Yaman At The Quality Awards

Can and Demet Ozdemir were honored at the Quality of Magazine Awards Gala on June 12, 2019, presenting their respective awards to each other. Can noted what an “interesting night” this made it and how “amazing” it was that on his first occasion of presenting an award to anyone he was able to present it to his costar. He spoke it also being “a special night because Brother Faruk participated too” as his mentor and Erkenci Kus producer had been unable to attend previous award ceremonies with the cast and Can was excited and proud to have Faruk onstage with himself and Demet.

Can Yaman Chosen As E! Awards Top Leading Man

This audience driven award began on August 12, 2019 with a pool of 64 actors posted on Fans were encouraged to vote for their favorites as often as they wished and the top 32 vote getters advanced to bracket style rounds which continued until August 21 when only 2 actors remained: Can Yaman and American actor, Jensen Ackles who had previously won the honor 4 times in a row for his work on “Supernatural”. Can became the first actor to win for a non-English language show when he received over 90% of the final round votes for his work on “Erkenci Kus”. In a video posted online on September 3, 2019, Can thanked his “helluva dedicated” fans “that never let [him] down” for helping capture this honor.

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