Can Yaman arrives in Italy to thousands of Ecstatic fans

Can Yaman Fans Revolt Not To Have The Series End

Roberta Damiata -Tue, 29/09/2020

There is great expectation among the fans of the Turkish soap “Daydreamer” for the arrival in Italy of the protagonist Can Yaman.

With the hashtag of #SaveBayYanlis, Italian and international fans are showing their disappointment at the decision to suspend the Turkish Dizi starring Can Yaman and Özge Gürel which will arrive in Italy with the name of “Mr. Wrong”. On social media, there is a continuous flourishing of protests and words of support for the one who has been the most loved actor of the moment in our country for a couple of years now.

Can Yaman won the hearts of Italian women with his interpretations, his acting and his availability. His dizi (the name this kind of soap produced in Turkey is called, ed) is the best tourist advertising for his country, which has seen an exponential increase in travel to Istanbul.

His dizi “Daydreamer”, currently in programming on Canale 5, is a champion of ratings. This is why it is not clear why his latest soap,”Bay Yanliş”, has been cancelled. What happened? Now this great actor is arriving in Italy. It has been learned that on Wednesday (September 30), Can Yaman will be in Rome to record the program “There is mail for you”. It is also rumored that he will have a meeting for an upcoming film engagement. Then he will fly to Milan to record for the weekly “Verissimo” TV Series and to appear live on the Barbara D’Urso Show.

Notes added for clarity:

“Verissimo” is an Italian soft news magazine which focuses on current events, show business and gossip. The program is broadcast every Saturday afternoon.

Barbara D’Urso Live Show: Can Yaman was previously a guest in February 2020.

But let’s go back to the cancellation of the dizi “Bay Yanlış”, which we will most likely see in Italy next year. Its fortunes were reversed in the last couple of days. The news of the early closure with the 14th episode arrived while the 15th episode was being shot. There has been so official statement from the production company, from GOLD Film, or from Faruk Turgut, president of the production company. A statement from journalist Birsen Altuntaş on Twitter announced the season finale due to low TV ratings. All this despite the fact that FOX Turkiye had included their second season on the winter schedule, complete with red carpet videos and complimenting the success achieved on social media.

The cast and crew have taken steps to give a dignified ending, hurrying through the shooting with touching final greetings, and not forgetting to console the disappointed fans. Some of the actors have lent themselves to respond directly to the fans, showing great empathy and humility but above all gratitude to the audience. It goes without saying that at the news of the closure of the series, the web rebelled. Statistics firm DigiLup “Bay Yanliş” reported that the series has always been in the top spot for mentions.

These numbers testify how both the protagonists and the entire cast are consequently loved abroad, which is why many countries have already taken steps to buy this series, including Italy, Spain, Israel; and one of the largest Arab digital platforms @shahid.vod.

Fans are wondering then how can you end the series with such an audience? Executive producer Faruk Turgut also expressed words of great sympathy for the cast and production.

What is not forgiven in Turkey is Can Yaman being less traditional and more European, even if in reality the opposite is perceived outside the homeland. To understand the strength of his fans, the TV series has aired on Friday on Turkish TV, without subtitles. Despite this, millions of fans have always followed  Yaman.

What has probably not been understood is that Yaman is now an international player. And his supporters are ready for anything to be close to him. Social media has literally gone mad for him and the posts on Twitter are a clear example. Fans wonder, “To avoid overlapping schedules, why not change the programming day?” And they add, “But absolutely don’t cancel the series.”


This article has been edited for clarity of the Italian to English translation.

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