Can Yaman Addiction: 15 Signs of a Hilariously Happy Obsession

Yesterday, I started laughing at myself when I realized how much I’ve changed during the past year. I realized that I have a Can Yaman Addiction! I’ve been a Dizi fan for a few years and long enjoyed the character development, depth of storytelling and glimpses into another culture that they offer. Early in 2020 I found that I had suddenly evolved beyond fan and become a Dizi addict. By Dizi, I mean code for “Can Yaman”.

Once I discovered Can and his work, no other dizi, no other actor, no other man, or HUMAN, could compare. My life changed. And so, I wrote this little summary. I swear to you, every word is TRUE! You may recognize some (or MANY) of these qualities in yourself. Please feel free to add your own little “addictive” quirks in the comments!


Can Yaman fans, friends & foes…intense new relationships

1. You become immediate, lifelong friends with everyone online who loves Can Yaman. You actually arrange times and places to meet many of them, both near and far away.

2. You become absolutely indignant if you recommend Erkenci Kuş to a friend, and she doesn’t finish the series. Ne??????? In fact, you see nothing strange about watching a series with 51 episodes multiple times without fast-forwarding any scenes. Also, after a life of having sworn off caffeine during the afternoon and evening, you suddenly start drinking çay and kahve every time someone in a series has a drink. (Caffeine is great for binge-watching, by the way. I speak from experience.)

3. You become engaged in heated exchanges online if someone suggests Can Yaman is only eye candy and cannot act, and you mentally file away an emotional grievance against that person as possibly being damaging to your sense of mental health and well-being, and you secretly hope they end up marrying someone like Yiğit in Erkenci Kuş (or even better, like Hakan in Dolunay!) In fact, you prepare written documents worthy of court oral arguments to defend your favorite star and extol his virtues over another person’s favorite. And you message your posse of friends and ask them to bring out the militia for backup!



Walking the walk & talking the talk…living the lifestyle of a Can Yaman series

4. You begin to eat fresh cucumbers and tomatoes every morning for breakfast. And you’ve never liked vegetables. After all, Can eats vegetables for breakfast, right?

5. You begin every sentence in your native tongue with the word “Valla,” and you end it with “Yah.” (Example: “Valla, I LOVE that photo cuz Can Yaman is smokin’ hot in that leather jacket, yah!”)



6. All of a sudden, you decide to wear five inch heels and sequined, low-cut tops to work. With short-shorts. (Hey, you’re only following the examples set by successful women in Inadina Aşk, Erkenci Kuş, and Bay Yanliş, right?)

7. You answer the phone saying “Efandım? “ And when you look at photos of Can, you sigh and wistfully whisper, “Keşke…”

Beards, koku & evil eyes…embracing Can Yaman’s turkish culture

8. You plan a trip to Istanbul and begin serious study of the Turkish language. However, you also brush up on your Italian, just in case. (Wink, wink…)

9. Suddenly, only men with dark eyes and a good amount of facial hair are appealing to you. And a six-pack….and I’m not referring to beer.



10. You begin to love the KOKU of everyone who is nice to you and start to inhale these people whenever they are around. You also carry cologne in your purse for possible emergencies. Also, water.

11. When you are at a place where people are dancing, you immediately throw both arms high into the air and start to move around the room, dancing and smiling broadly.

12. When you attend a wedding of a close friend or family member, you shout out to the bride, “Step on the groom’s foot!”

13. You search online to find just the right jewelry to ward off the evil eye. In fact, all of a sudden, friends and family members know exactly what presents to buy for you on your birthday, and all of them have to do with Turkish themes.

525,600 minutes…not enough time in a year to handle your all-consuming Can Yaman love
14. Whenever you leave your house, all you can think about is getting back to catch up on the most recent episode of your favorite series. While in the grocery store, you initially are unaware that you are humming the musical theme from the series.

15. You calculate that over the past year, you’ve spent 5,475 hours, 23 minutes and 12 seconds, MINIMUM, discussing, sharing, streaming, posting thoughts and feelings, cultivating your own uniquely special photos and video collection, dreaming, sighing, and yes, heavy breathing. You accept your addiction and decide it’s all worth it. Why would you want to receive help when it feels so good?

So…Have you experienced some of these behaviors? Comment below on which numbers apply to you, or add some extra ones, and please excuse me while I lick all those little droplets, every single solitary bit of moisture, off of this final photo. I promise I won’t judge if you admit you did the same!






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