Can Yaman and Diletta

Romance in Italy & Seven Times Can Yaman Waxed Poetic On Love

Romance in Italy & Seven Times Can Yaman Waxed Poetic On Love

Fans across the universe are paralyzed with interest in Can Yaman’s love life. As you can imagine, Can Yaman has been the catalyst and inspiration of many discussions. In not so distant days, our team pondered questions like Why is Can Yaman Still Single? Who Is Yaman Dating? Is Can Yaman In A Relationship? Is Can Yaman a hopeless romantic, or is he a cynic when it comes to love? We hoped to come up with an answer to the most paradoxical queries Can Yaman fans ask daily. Then the news of a potential love interest finally broke. We all know that Scorpio’s love the thrill of being in love. Likewise, Scorpio’s crave their autonomy, so we weren’t sure what to think. And then, the unforeseeable happened! Pictures of Can Yaman and famous Italian sportscaster Diletta Leotta surfaced of the two frolicking about Rome, looking more than comfortable with another. 


We’d had a lot of fun pitting various actresses up against one another. We decided who would be a good fit and who didn’t measure up to our idea of Can Yaman’s standards in a mate. We decided who he would likely date vs. who he might marry. The game intensified when we hunkered down and came up with the rationale for our choices. By our estimations, the ideal partner would be a woman who farts sparkles and rainbows. A woman with talent and a few million followers on Twitter would turn heads for sure.  But, you also have to consider the type of man that we understand Can Yaman to be. We’ve all seen the interviews where Yaman has discussed his ambitions and world view on life. All things considered, the ideal match for Yaman is indeed a complex matter. In the words of the great William Shakespeare, the course of true love never did run smooth. Still, Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta are currently making headlines and seem to be embarking on a new journey that may prove otherwise.


The beautiful Diletta Leotta seems to be on the road to becoming a permanent fixture at the side of Can Yaman. So who is the woman who meets Can Yaman’s standards and appears to have stolen his heart? Diletta Leotta is a 29-year-old media personality from Sicily. She studied Law (like Can Yaman!) at Luiss University in Rome before setting her career track towards television and media. A famous face in Italian sportscasting, Diletta Leotta worked for Sky Sport in Italy, presenting soccer games before switching to her current network, DAZN, in 2018. She’s also hosted major Italian television events such as Miss Italy, 2018, and the world-renowned San Remo Festival in 2020. With over 7 million Instagram followers and fans worldwide admiring her brains and beauty, one thing is for sure, Diletta Leotta is as beautiful inside as out to have captured the attention and affection of Can Yaman, who has previously described his views on love and who he gives his love to in the following ways:

1.“[When I am in love] I do not experience anything superficial, and I feel the reality of what I am experiencing as well. I think this is the feature of my zodiac sign (I am a Scorpio.) From time to time, I feel jealousy intensely like everyone else. … sadness, other negative emotions … and then I say I’m not that kind of person, as I catch myself with these feelings”.…Can Yaman

2.“I am a Scorpio to the core. I see love as a cake, to whom you will give a limited number of slices is very important; you should make good choices. You can’t love everyone; you can’t make everyone happy. You have to choose the people you love and really love them, completely.” Can Yaman

3.“A Scorpio’s love can burn the world; it has such a characteristic. If he loves someone he loves deeply, he devotes himself to that person. Until he becomes so, he doesn’t really care about anything else.” Can Yaman

4.“I’m also in love with my work…for example, I watch an episode 10 times because I love what I do. I can’t tolerate that something fails, that something goes wrong…I’m a little bit of a perfectionist and when I do a thing it’s because I love it. So loving is important.” Can Yaman

5.“I’d like to [be in a serious relationship], who wouldn’t? …you can’t plan these things…even if I planned something, life would surprise me. So I’m waiting.”

“Can Yaman.”  

  1. “Love is a feeling that motivates you.” “Can Yaman.”  

7“I fall in love with everything I do. If I’m with someone, it means I’m in love. Otherwise, why stay together?” “Can Yaman.”

So, one question remains…has Can Yaman found someone to give the lion’s share of his “cake” to? Only time will tell but it certainly looks like he and Diletta Leotta are at the beginning of a long and delectable feast of love.

Can Yaman and Diletta

One day someone will walk into our life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else…

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